Our Gallery

Medhu Vada- Crispy golden deep fried patties made of chana dal and spices served with traditional sambar and chutney.
Chicken 65 - Boneless chicken marinated in special sauce and deep fried.
Navarathna Korma- Garden fresh vegetables and fruits cooked in cashew nut and almond based creamy gravy.
Mirchi Bhajji Spicy hot peppers fried in batter topped with onion & lime.
Veg Cutlet - Potato & mixed vegetable patties fried.
Tandoori Chicken - Boned Chicken marinated with yogurt,special herbs and spices cooked in tandoor oven.
Masala Dosa - A thin golden crispy rice and lentil flour crepe, stuffed with spiced potatoes masala.
Chicekn / Goat Biryani - Aromaic Basmati rice oven cooked with chicken or mutton , spiced & flavored with mint & laced with nuts.